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Hello, I'm Tiffany Orvet.  I run From Sthlm. But that's not all I do.  

Here is a little more about me, about how From Sthlm has evolved, and about how actually, it all comes down to people.

A career telling stories

For over 20 years I've been making TV.  Producing programs, developing them, buying them and selling them.

They've been about history, our world, our bodies. Legends, rituals, rites of passage, processes and journeys of every kind.

I worked for National Geographic Channel in Washington DC where I brought in some of the channel's most watched premieres and series.  Titles you might recognize are Onboard Air Force One, Hard Time, Taboo, Hooked:Monster Fish, Ultimate Factories, and many more. I've also worked for production companies across the US and UK.

Always, I find, my stories end up being about people.

A passion for good design

Design is also a story about people.  What inspires people, how people create, how people create for other people, and how people feel (and work and play and live) in the environments they create for themselves.

Here at From Sthlm (pronounced From Stockholm) I've been acquainting myself and my readers with Swedish design through this lens since 2009.

You might have known us as a unique shop featuring a new independent Swedish designer each month, and selling select pieces in limited amounts from our base in San Francisco.  We did this for over three years.

You might have known us as an importer and distributor of Swedish design in the US.  We were in 32 shops in 12 states across the US.  We even won a spot in the special juried Accent on Design section of the NY International Gift Fair.  All of this during the US's biggest recession ever.

And now...

And now, we've relocated to Stockholm, and that changes everything.  I still love design.  I still love TV.  I still love telling fascinating stories about people.  But the lens is a little different from this far north part of the world with its moody winters, jolly summers, proximity to the rest of Europe, and people-first approach to most things.

At From Sthlm I will continue to be your bridge between the US and Northern Europe, and I look forward to sharing the experience with you.


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