Since 2009

From Sthlm (pronounced From Stockholm) has explored  Swedish design since 2009. We started life as a unique, San Francisco-based web shop featuring a new independent Swedish designer each month and selling (and frequently selling out) their best pieces direct to design aficionados across the world. 

From Sthlm also represented some of Sweden's best independent designers in the United States, bringing their work to 32 shops across 12 states in the USA. We even won a coveted spot in the special juried Accent on Design section of the New York International Gift Fair. All of this during the US's biggest recession ever, proving that the power of good design is a key ingredient in life.

Now, Stockholm!

Since 2012 From Stockholm has been located in Stockholm, and this changes everything. The focus of and @fromsthlm on Instagram, is a little different from this far north part of the world with its moody winters, jolly summers, proximity to the rest of Europe, and people-first approach to most things. From Sthlm will continue to be your bridge between Northern Europe and US, and we look forward to sharing the experience with you.

About Tiffany Orvet


I've been making TV for over 15 years. The stories have been about history, our world, our bodies. Legends, rituals, rites of passage, processes and journeys of every kind. I've produced, developed, bought and sold these programs for networks including NatGeo, Discovery, ITN and many more. 

Always, my stories end up being about people. 

Design is also a story about people. What inspires people, how people create, how they create for other people, and how people feel, work, play and live in the environments they create for themselves.

This is From Sthlm.
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