Fresh design collective: Repa Studio

photos: tiffany orvet

Repa Studio was one of my favorite finds at Formex.  They are a new collective of textile designers from all over Sweden. They're working separately but together to help each other out and make a stronger impact in the competitive world of textile design.  I think they're on to a smart idea here.

This is their first project since coming together while studying Textile Design at The Swedish School of Textiles in Borås.  Taking on Formex's theme this season, the project is called "Fresh" and consists of eight very different patterns that share a common color scale.

Below are:

  • Linnéa Eketrä with her design "Strömmar"
  • "Sakura" by Josefina Tengvall
  • "Kap Verde" by Lena Melin
  • "Ferry" by Malin Bobeck
  • "Sigrid" by Linnea Nilsson
  • "Flur" by Anna Jonsson
  • "Pieces" by Micaela Angerheim
  • "Vildvuxet" by Petra Wester Norgren
Linnéa Eketrä, "Strömmar"
"Kap Verde" by Lena Melin
"Sigrid" by Linnea Nilsson
"Pieces" by Micaela Angerheim
"Sakura" by Josefina Tengvall
"Ferry" by Malin Bobeck
"Flur" by Anna Jonsson
"Vildvuxet" by Petra Wester Norgren